For people who aren’t that observant, the tendency is to think that physical training for all sports is more or less the same. However, that’s a false theory. Different sports have different demands on the body. Although strength and endurance are naturally part of an athlete’s top priorities, there are a host of other facets to develop.

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American football is one of the sports that is rather unique from the rest since it doesn’t involve long stretches of motion. In fact, in American football, sudden bursts of speed and shifts in direction, powerful tackling, and other explosive motions happen in the space of a few seconds. A bigger chunk of the time is spent planning out strategies.

So what kind of physical regimen does a football player need? The five basic ingredients that a football player needs to be explosive on the field are speed, quickness, strength, mobility, and agility.

For speed and quickness, leg drills are important. Sprinting as well as agility ladder drills are especially helpful. This goes double for the players on defense with the larger physiques. They too have to move as quick as the offense of the opposing team.

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Strength here means power to tackle, or halt an opposing player in his tracks. This is where the tackle dummies come in. Football players are also known to make good use of the sled and even pull along some of the coaching staff. This is very helpful in-game when they collide with earth-shattering force against the opposition.

Finally, mobility and agility drills make good use of cones. Leg strength and flexibility is also very important in this aspect.

Hello there! I’m Apparao Mukkamala, a senior theater student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I’m very much into football. Follow this Pinterest page for more on football.


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