Some people have gotten into serious debts, and their lives rocked because of gambling. The urge to win along with nearly-won losses and a sense of control like spinning a wheel or throwing a pair of dice push gamblers to keep trying regardless of their situations.

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Gambling is not necessarily bad. It’s hardly a way to make money though since most people lose and the probability of winning is far less than losing. Casinos earn truckloads of money when more people come to play and then lose. A few will win though. A few.

Players need to set a budget whenever they enter gambling halls with money they can actually afford to lose. This money is extra after paying taxes, bills, school fees, and rent and after food for the family has been secured. That budget has to be set and strictly followed.

Gamblers need to watch themselves. If more and more time is being spent playing with bets getting larger and larger, that’s a clear sign of being out of control especially after suffering a loss.

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It’s common to want to chase a loss especially with close wins like getting two sevens and a pesky cherry. High stakes poker and feeling the next hand will be lucky? That’s common and such losses should never be chased. The set budget should be followed with its loss signaling the time to head home. Perhaps after a drink.

Apparao Mukkamala enjoys a game or two in the casino. As a college student though, he knows better than to be a slave of it. Read more about how he manages leisure and academics on his blog.


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